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Have you been struck by the beauty of our valley over the last year? Well lockdown has certainly given us the opportunity. But if the Pandemic has taught us anything it is that we canít take things for granted. We can act locally even as we think globally.


We are creating a forum where we can celebrate the space we have and create yet more for nature in and around Colerne. Whether itís:

         Celebrating the beauty of nature by documenting our finds through photography or art.

         Identifying areas in our village where we can create and enhance habitats for wildflowers, insects and birds.

         Create working groups for specialist areas of interest for e.g. planting trees, hedges or wildflowers.

         Build a íSeed Library' to share surplus seeds and plants.

         Meeting in wildlife areas for e.g. Franks wood to discuss future projects.


We canít to stop the cutting of trees in the Amazon but we can certainly do our bit right here by kickstarting projects to enhance and protect our bit of the natural world for the future. Frankís wood is a perfect example of how one person can make a huge difference to a community.


Sign up to the Wild Colerne Facebook page; follow us on Instagram; phone 07858 581665 or email us at members@wildcolerne.org for more information and to be added to our mailing list.


Itís time to get Wild in the Country